MenuMachine is no longer available.

I'd like to thank all of the GoLive users that supported me and MenuMachine over the years. I had a blast building MenuMachine, and on the way learning so much about building and running a web-based business.

I came to know so many great people over the years, either as MenuMachine customers and supporters or via the various GoLive mailing lists and forums. I met many of you in person, and shared some good and even crazy times. I even met the team that built GoLive itself, which was a great experience.

In my time supporting MenuMachine and talking with customers, I saw some amazing websites, built by very talented people. I'm honoured to have assisted in their work in some small way. Yes, I also saw some abominations that defied belief, but I did what I could to help even those ones get up and running.

Unfortunately, MenuMachine is now truly dead. I will not be responding to any support requests. If you're still using MenuMachine today, you should know that it does not produce the sort of code you should be using for modern web sites, and I discourage its further use. In any case, by now it's paid for itself many times over.

I spent the best part of two years in the late 2000s building a native Mac OS X version of MenuMachine, and it was very nearly finished and pretty great. However, due to painful personal issues I'd rather not air in public, the work was never completed, and I am now no longer at liberty to release that app, even as open source. This is a great shame, but sometimes life goes in directions you don't expect.

I'm still working as a developer, but in a completely different area, and life in general is good. I have children and a loving wife to keep me busy.

If you ever want to contact me, my email address is .

I hope that if you used MenuMachine, you enjoyed it.

All the best to you and yours,

Rob Keniger

August 2016