Oct 10

Firstly, since several of you have asked, I want to give you a general idea of our release schedule. We are aiming for a release towards the end of Q1 2009 and are fairly confident of our ability to hit that target. I know this is probably later than many of you were hoping, but we still have a lot to do. However, we are progressing well and are slightly ahead of schedule. At this stage it’s too early to say when we’ll have a release ready for beta testing.

Back to the main topic. When we were designing the new version of MenuMachine, we wanted to provide users with a choice of multiple menu types. MenuMachine 2 allowed users to select vertically-expanding or cascading menus, but we realize that there are many more menu types that users might like to create, and there are also new menu types that we wanted to implement for the first time.

For this reason, menu types in MenuMachine 3 have been implemented as plugins to the main application. This means that we can easily add new menu types to MenuMachine without having to alter the base application code. We anticipate shipping MenuMachine 3 with a variety of useful menu types and we then expect to release new menu types as we are able to develop them. This means that MenuMachine 3 should become more powerful and useful over time.

We have also implemented our external editor support using a plug-in architecture. This will allow us to easily add support for other editor platforms. We will definitely be supporting Dreamweaver at launch and if we have time the initial release might support some other editors. We anticipate creating editor support modules for BBEdit, TextMate and possibly Coda and Espresso initially, with more to follow. If you have any suggestions for editors that you’d like to see support for, please let me know either via email or in the comments.