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MenuMachine 1 not working from first installation (MM1)

Article Applies To:

MenuMachine 1 only

GoLive 6, CS, CS2

Mac, Windows

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Category: Installation


MenuMachine 1 does not work after it is installed for the first time.


Below is a list of the common things to check if you have issues after the first installation of MenuMachine 1.

Please check and follow the steps in this order:

1. Quit all copies of GoLive.

2. Make sure you have the latest version of MenuMachine 1 by downloading a new copy from the web site:


3. Make sure you have applied the latest update for your version/s of GoLive. Free updates for all versions of GoLive are available from Adobe here:


4. Remove all OLD versions of MenuMachine 1 from GoLive. You should ever have one copy of MenuMachine 1 installed.

5. Delete the preferences files for all versions of GoLive.
See Article 000057 for instructions.

6. Re-Install MenuMachine 1 checking that the correct folder has been installed.
(It is not the entire downloaded folder but a folder within called simply "MenuMachine".)
MenuMachine 1 Installation Instructions

7. Launch GoLive. Enter your serial number (in the form of XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX) and make sure the "MenuMachine successfully activated" screen has displayed in GoLive on your first launch.

8. Create a new blank site with GoLive. Open the automatically-created index.html page and place a MenuMachine 1 object on the page using the object in the Objects > basic palette.
Save the page.

9. Look back in the site window and make sure the GeneratedItems folder has been created and it contains the files menumachine.js and spacer.gif.

10. Edit the Menu and save.

If you make it through all these steps without errors, MenuMachine 1 is working properly.

Please report any errors at any stage to the support team at http://www.menumachine.com/contact/.

Last updated: July 29, 2006

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