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Incorrect Serial Number

If you are trying to enter your serial number in to download the software and you see "Key not correct" or a similar message, check the following:

The MenuMachine serial number is in the form of:



1. You will only be able to enter up to and including 35 characters in total (including the dashes). Check to make sure you have entered them all.

2. Make sure you are using your MenuMachine serial number, not your GoLive serial number.

3. Copy and paste the serial number from the original email you received from Kagi or SWREG.

4. Make sure you do not accidentally paste in any extra characters, spaces or carriage returns into the field. Your cursor should be visible in the field after the last character.

5. If you MUST type the serial number, any letters should be in UPPER case.

6. The character '0' is always a zero.

If you want to check your serial number but don't have your original email from Kagi or SWREG, click here.

If you still can't get it to work, please contact the MenuMachine support team.

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